We use a common development process called SDLC model to insure that your new application performs as expected. This process provides a total life cycle (cradle to grave) solution for the development of any application. Each of our clients has different requirements for an application, but they all benefit from our development methodology.

Requirement Gathering begins with documentation of all the features, requirements and processes needed in the application. This provides a means of determining any issues that can delay or effect the development of the application. Each issue found can be investigated before any actual coding beings. Eliminating this step normally increases both the cost and the development time.

Process Evaluation takes the identified requirements and combines them into a cohesive whole. The initial high level documents are reviewed and pieced together. Here we receive the first glimpse of the application in its complete form. Flow, interfaces and dependencies are fine tuned and ironed out before our developers begin the actual coding of the application.

Application Development transforms the high level design into actual code. The developers create the application using the tools and resources recommended during the process evaluation. Our QA team is often involved in the process to help reduce the final testing time.

Documentation and QA is our final step in creation of an application. In addition to a full scale test of the application in its entirety, the QA team creates a comprehensive technical reference to make future changes or upgrades simpler. User documentation and training is also made available at this point when required by the client.

Deployment and Implementation is a critical piece of this puzzle when it is needed. This process involves the preparation, installation, setup and testing of the application in the environment it will be used in. This can be the most critical piece for our clients, and one that we perform quickly and accurately.

All programming work is performed on one of our development servers. This allows us greater control of the development environment while still providing our clients access to the application during the testing and review process.

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